I AM….

I AM....

Hey guys,
Today I felt like sharing some encouragement to those out there who might be feeling a little bit down. I have been hearing this saying over and over again, but never really understood it until now. I have a simple question for you… ” Who are you??” No, really who are you?? Are you a person who has let life define you or have you defined your life? This has been a personal struggle for me and I’m slowly working on it and I thank God  for helping me and giving me the chance to do it every single day. I want to challenge you today. Write about 10 things that you want to achieve in your life or what you want to become in the future. Start every sentence with ” I AM….” and every morning when you wake up, start of saying your personal “I AM’s” and trust me you will feel so good about yourself. If you have any thoughts on anything comment below.. Stay blessed!


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