Hey guys,
So as of late, I have noticed that the world today has a lack of so many things. Some are more serious than others and that is totally understandable, but one that really concerns me is the lack of originality. Yes, I know, its been said a million times before, be original, be yourself, yet the sad case is in this generation, the word “original” has lost its authenticity. Everyone these days wants to be like someone else or are trying to have someone else’s life. It’s really sad to see how things are going . I want to give you guys some advice, and I am also saying this to my self. Find something or figure out what your purpose or your vision is in this life. What do you aspire to become? Don’t do it based on your five senses, follow your heart and listen to your mind. Take a day/week/month off to yourself without any form of media around you and just focus on what you need to for YOU. Be you so you don’t have to aspire for what others have but be grateful for what you have and share it with the world.
Thanks guys and I hope you have a safe and productive week.
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