Have I Grown up yet?

Have I Grown up yet?

Hey guys!
I have been thinking a lot lately about where I’m headed in my future and I began to ask myself the question,” I’m I truly a grown up?” Let’s face it, we all still have our inner child in us, but at what point do you truly become a grown up? Yes, I know.. Most of you will say that it is when you begin to act mature but, what is the meaning of growing up? Does it mean going to work and paying the bills or is there a deeper meaning to that term. When we were kids, we were often asked that question and I know most of you replayed with, ” I want to be a Doctor, Lawyer, teacher.”.. etc . I think that we as human never really grow up, but it is the situations, mistakes and circumsatnces that force us to “grow up.” Some of us have been “grown ups” ever since we were kids and some still are in the process of “growing up,” and others still haven’t “grown up.” So have I grown up yet? I don’t know the answer to that question but I have gained some wisdom from the years I have been blessed to live. We should stop stressing the term “Grown Up” and just enjoy life and be able to live, learn and love from life.
Thanks guys for reading and comment below with your thoughts! Have a safe and productive week.


7 thoughts on “Have I Grown up yet?

  1. Hey,

    It doesnt really matter. If you are happy with yourself the way you are it should be enough. I think grown up should be applied to 18+ or 16+. It should definitely not be a mental factor. Some people will never learn, some learn very early. Its like some people learn to let go and some people never will. All individuals are different and all have different needs, emotions.
    Good luck πŸ™‚

      1. you should.. there not a lot of blogs about healthy living and I think you do a great job on informing people. and your welcome..

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