Let’s Meditate…

Hey Guys!
So recently I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Network or (OWN), and there is a show called “Super Soul Sunday” where people of different faiths and beliefs come and share their knowledge on life, faith and spirituality. I watched the episode where it featured “Russell Simmons,” and if you all aren’t familiar with him, he is a “Hip-Hop” Mogul and also a “Yogi,” which is pretty cool. He recently wrote a book called ” Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple,” and it pretty much teaches you the benefits of meditation and why the world really needs to embrace this practice. If you are interested in the art of meditating, then this is the book for you or if you need to be more open to something new in your life, then give this book a shot. Also, the book recommends mediating at least 20 min a day and I think it’s a pretty neat challenge for everyone. I myself I’m trying to incorporate this practice in my day-to-day life and I will keep you informed on how it goes.
Thanks again for reading and comment below on your thought about meditating and how you choose to meditate, if you do.
Have a great and productive week!!

Losing Zzzz’s Over the World Cup…

Losing Zzzz's Over the World Cup...

Hello Lovely People,
Are you all watching the World Cup? Because if you are, the matches are put on in some weird hours,causing half  the world their  sleep. Some people have reported to be late for work watching the matches in the late hours. The question is, Is it worth losing or messing up your daily life routine? Well for me is Yes and No. For those who are struggling with this beautiful addiction, I would say plan for the games that you really want to watch, rather than watching every match,( trust me, it works.) Also, if you know that a game starts late at night, you should sleep for a few hours before the match begins. Guys, enjoy the World Cup to it’s full advantage because lets face it, it only happens every 4 years.
Thanks guys for the support and reading the blogs, I highly appreciate it. Comment below who you think is going to win or just say hi!
Hope you all have a great and productive day!

Summer Style….

Summer Style

Hey guys!
As Summer is approaching us, I want to know, what are your  Summer styles? Are you Boho Chic or Rock and Roll? Let me know down the comments below and if you are a Fashionista or are into fashion and style, I would like to check out your site/Instagram or blog! Follow on twitter @everydayheights to continue the conversation.

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brazil 2


Hey guys!

Are you ready for the World Cup? I am a huge Football fan or as the guys in the U.S say Soccer fan and I cannot wait for this glorious event. The World Cup starts on June 12 and ends at July 13, which I think is kinda short in my opinion. I love how the world comes together during sports events and there is a feel of unity and harmony which comforts the soul. Who is your betting team and who do you predict on winning the game? Let me know on the comments below! Gol Gol Gol ale ale ale!!

Have a great and productive week 🙂