Losing Zzzz’s Over the World Cup…

Losing Zzzz's Over the World Cup...

Hello Lovely People,
Are you all watching the World Cup? Because if you are, the matches are put on in some weird hours,causing half  the world their  sleep. Some people have reported to be late for work watching the matches in the late hours. The question is, Is it worth losing or messing up your daily life routine? Well for me is Yes and No. For those who are struggling with this beautiful addiction, I would say plan for the games that you really want to watch, rather than watching every match,( trust me, it works.) Also, if you know that a game starts late at night, you should sleep for a few hours before the match begins. Guys, enjoy the World Cup to it’s full advantage because lets face it, it only happens every 4 years.
Thanks guys for the support and reading the blogs, I highly appreciate it. Comment below who you think is going to win or just say hi!
Hope you all have a great and productive day!


3 thoughts on “Losing Zzzz’s Over the World Cup…

  1. Hi. I am a fellow soccer (I live in the US now that’s why I referred to it as”soccer”) enthusiast. I am rooting for Brazil even though Netherlands have been the best team in the world cup 2014. Check out my blog and tell me which country you have put your money on.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Personally I’m rooting for Germany because in my opinion they are the best team world. I do agree with you on the Netherlands, they are also pretty good. I’m also a Football(soccer) fan my self. Your blog is lovely and very informative and I enjoyed reading it.

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