Summer Fun.. Almost Done !


Hello my friends!

I have missed you all and I hope you all had a lovely summer. So its that time of year again, fall meaning school.. ewww right? To all my young readers, its going to be Ok and its not definitely the end of the world and plus you get to grow and have new life experiences, which is fun! To all my older folks, its time to get back to business and I hope you enjoyed your summer vacations and traveled a little bit. While it was a great season, it was a time to reflect and appreciate the warm weather, but there is something about fall that just makes me want to be a more better person and to take parts of my life seriously. So here’s to a great season of growth, productivity,positiveness, success and good well being.

Comment below on you favorite things about fall ! Until then my friends!

Have a great and productive day

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda….



Hey Guys!

I hope that your summer is going great.Its been a while sooo……… HI!

I wanted to share some words of encouragement, because I think we need to hear some words of inspiration once in a while to spark a fire right under our butts. I know sometimes we ask ourselves, I wish I had done this, I should have done that or maybe I would have done this, instead of that. We beat ourselves down thinking of alternatives of actions that we have already committed. I wanted to share with you, that it is ok. Its ok to fall out of the wagon because its where you find  your strengths all along. I am always battling with these commotions about soo many things in my life, and as I write this blog post, I am also speaking to myself. When you find yourself asking these questions about the same situations, maybe its time to actually take action and face the challenges. Don’t be the old fool that sings these 3 words down the line in your life, take a leap of faith and just believe that greatness awaits for you on the other side.

I hope this helps and comment below if you want to put in your two cents or just to say HI!

I hope you all have a great and productive week!