Kanye West premieres Yeezy collection in NYFW….

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Hope you are all doing well. So I guess as you can tell by the picture, yes we will be talking about Kanye’s collection, which he presented in this falls NYFW. I mean I really can’t speak much about the collection. The colors are very neutral and basic. We all can have our opinions about Kanye and what he does. But the truth of the matter is that Kanye will continue to be Kanye whether you like it or not. Do you guys like his collection? I’m kinda on the fence here. It’s creative but in my opinion, not innovative. That’s just my two cents.. 
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Tommy Hilfiger’s Caribbean Inspo..

Hey guys..

Hope you are enjoying NYFW as I am. As promised, I will continue to fill you in on my favorite shows so far. Today I will focus on the very preppy Tommy Hilfiger. His collection was inspired by the Caribbean and the show looked very playful and relaxed. It was a lot of swim wear and mostly what you would expect while going on holiday/vacation. Hope this gave you some vacation inspiration. What are your TO-GO vacation or holiday looks? Comment below…

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Photo courtesy of: kutv.com


To cool for Public School…

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It’s that time again! What time you ask? It’s New York Fashion Week.. My favorite time of the year. This year there were so many beautiful pieces from some of my favorite designers. I’ll be covering my favorites all week, so stay tuned. Today, I will focus on Public School, who I have been watching for a while now. I was introduced to them when they were featured in the Fashion Fund, which is a fashion completion held by the CFDA. They had won and  now, they are one of the most innovative fashion designers of our time, in my opinion. In this years NYFW show, they came and delivered some cool and comfortable pieces. I want one of everything from their collection. If your not hip to them, don’t get left behind. Let me know your favorite fashion designers on the comments below.

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