Inspiration Mondays! Valentine’s Day Edition…

Hello People,

Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. So today we will be talking about love. Valentine’s day is tomorrow, so I thought why not talk about the holiday of love?? What is love? Is it a feeling, an emotion or a decision?…hmmm think about it. When you choose to love someone you must do all three. You have to feel them out a bit, have some type of emotional connection with them, and lastley, decide if you want to be with them. The last point is really the hardest and the most important because you can have the last two connections with almost anyone. You have to decide if you want this person, meaning putting up with the pretty and ugly sides of them. This Valentine’s Day, if you are in a relationship, evaluate it, not just tomorrow, but every day. See and decide if you really want to be with this person and if they bring out the best of and in you.

Well, I hope this is some useful advice, and if you want to offer more, why not comment below. Have a great Valentine’s Day and enjoy yourselves.

Wishing you love and light..



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