Makeup Tuesday’s…Clean Face Edition…

Good day people,

Let’s kick off makeup Tuesdays with the basics. Is your face clean?? Like really really squeaky clean? There a lot of products out there that promise to get rid of all the dirt and crinkles on and in your face. One product that has worked for me is the  OXY Rapid Treatment Fash Wash. You can get this product in most stores like CVS, Target, Walmart and all drugstores in your area. I find it to be very effective especially those who suffer from acne and other facial problems. I suffered from acne almost all me teenage and early adult life and I couldn’t find a product that could help me. I tried Proactive, Clean and Clear, and all acne clearing products out there. This one I think did it for me. I started to see changes in the first 2 weeks and now, my acne is almost gone. Give it a try and if you want more info on the product, I suggest you visit their website,  

I think having a clean face is the beginning of having healthy makeup habits. If you want to share any products that you think might help other people, please comment below or let me know if you have tried or are going to try OXY.

Wishing you love and light…


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