Fall Blues…

Hey guys!
Happy Fall season to all of you. I have been on a hiatus lately and I haven’t blogged as muched as I would have loved to. Since its the beginning of a new season, I might as well start off this season right. Fall can mean many things to us. It can mean the start of something new, it can mean the beginnings of cold winters ahead (that’s usually me), and anything else you feel, have felt and hopefully will fill in the future. I titled this post Fall Blues because we are ending the year in just 2-3 months and maybe things didn’t turn out well this year as you hoped. If you feel discouraged, don’t, because you still have some time. You can do anything you want to and time isn’t a measure of success, you are. If you are reading this, I bet you have a lot to be grateful for, as I and as I’m encouraging myself, I hope to encourage to that you can do all things through Christ who gives US strength. Its never to  late to start over and your best days are yet to come.

Comment below on something that you have achieved so far this year. I and others would love to see what God has done in your lives.


Peace and Blessings!


Rockin my Adidas…

Hey guys!! 

So as of late, I’m sure that you have seen these or shoes that look like these on almost any fashion blog in the planet. I am so obsessed about my new Adidas Neo Baseline sneakers. They are just like the classic Superstar sneaker from their line, but in my option these are much better and cheaper too.  I have both the Neo Baseline and Superstar’s and if you love sneakers, they are definitely an investment because they will never go outta style. Trust me on this! 

If you like more reviews on other things, let me know on the comments and I’ll be sure to get back to blogging.. I missed you guys 🙂 

Have a great and productive week!!

Maybe it Maybelline..



Hey guys!

So the good people at Influenster sent me a complimentary Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. So far so good, it isn’t  bad, but it doesn’t just quite  fit my shade. I might have to mix to foundations to get my true shade. The coverage is wonderful and it does well at covering and hiding your pores and some dark marks. This product is great quality for a drugstore price. I have always loved Maybelline products and this one is a homerun for me. Make sure that you check out Maybelline products and tell them that Lizzy sent ya!

Thanks again to the great people at Influenster and Maybelline for this product!

Review video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td7OfF9DaWU or click on the photo to learn more!



Let me see you do that YOGA…


Hello guys!

Back at it again with the blog post today…   Sorry to soon? Anyways, I hope you all have been well, a quick update about me is that I’m still around, but sometimes life gets the best of us. So… I’m actually participating in this yoga challenge by a Youtuber named Brett Larkin.She is hosting  it, and I think it would be awesome if you joined up with me. Summer is around the corner, so why don’t we get healthy or summthin’? Yoga, as you know, has a lot of health benefits and it also makes you feel good!

Click on this link  https://yogisurprise.com/giveaways/spring-detox?lucky=20172 and sign up!

Thanks for all the love and support!

Bloglovin… Have you heard about it?


Hello Guys!

Happy New Year-ish. I know I’m late, but hey right. I hope that this year is off to a great start for most of you. I hope your resolutions are still in place, or have we given up on the juicing? I know that most of us here are bloggers or just like to read articles from other blogs. If you haven’t heard, there is this thing called Bloglovin. Most of you guys are familiar with it, and of you aren’t aware of it, its a place where bloggers get their content shared by millions of people, so if you want to gain more followers or gain traffic on your blog, I think that you should give it a try, trust me, its awesome and it’s free! You can also follow me on Bloglovin, @liznoir, and I’ll follow back, cause I’m nice… Hope this information helps and I’ll leave some links below if you want to check these sites out..


A Complete Guide to Bloglovin

How to get more bloglovin followers


2015… in one word.


Hey guys!
Long time no say!
So I am aware that I haven’t been so present on my blog lately and sometimes, life gets the best of us. Its December and most of us are in reflection/ holiday mode. Even though its the festive season, don’t forget to count the blessings and celebrate the milestones that you have accomplished both big and small. So, a quick challenge, define 2015 in one word..

Comment below..

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